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Transform the way you live with a smart home automation system that starts from IR controller to 3-in-1 module to 2-in-1 module to RGBW module. The Fibaro collection puts your appliances on your fingertips.

Double Switch

The Intelligent Homes Double Switch Fibaro System is one of the key modules to help you manage your smart home. It offers a variety of functions and can be used for a number of applications. These include (but are not limited to) toggling the lights, switching electrical appliances on/off, and even for cutting off power from sockets. Thanks to the convenient power metering feature, it also provides precise information about electric energy consumption.

Roller Shutter

The Intelligent Homes Roller Shutter 2 Fibaro System is the latest version of the radio-controller based on Z-Wave 5 technology. It is ideal for usage with motorized roller blinds, venetian blinds, awnings and gates. It is powered by a single-phase AC power unit and allows for the precise positioning of blinds, awnings or gates. The module can also be also equipped with a power metering feature when used with an Intelligent Homes FIBARO Home Center.

Smart Dimmer

The Smart Dimmer is the perfect smart device to adjust the lighting of your room when you want to enjoy a nice book or a movie. You can easily adjust the lighting to your preferred luminous intensity.

RGBW Controller

The RGBW Controller 2 gives you the power to create the atmosphere you want by controlling the colours in your home. The extraordinary controller allows you to control the colours from the app and also takes input through voice commands, so that you can set the right type of lighting ambiance for your mood for the day!

Roller Shutter 3

The Intelligent Homes FIBARO Roller Shutter 3 is an updated version of the radio-controller based on Z-Wave 5 technology. It is ideal for use with motorized roller blinds, venetian blinds, awnings and gates. The unit is powered by a single-phase AC and helps you set the precise positioning of your blinds, awnings or gates. The module can also be equipped with a power metering feature when used with a FIBARO Home Center.


The Wall Plug is a must-have smart device that combines function with style. Designed for precision and performance, the crystal LED ring changes color to indicate the power consumption levels for the plugged device. The Wall Plug is also compatible with the smart home management app and offers a truly unmatched experience in domestic power management.


Pebble is a new wireless touch button that combines elegant design and functionality into a simple, personalized device to control everything in your home. Pebble allows you to customize up to 9 actions such as smart lighting, music, shading, thermostats, and more with a single touch.


Unlock the power of your hands with SWIPE's intelligent ability to understand and process the power of your hands. The device detects simple as well as complex hand gestures to carry out your commands.

Simply raise your hand and swipe down to turn off the lights. or ,ove your hand up to turn on the LED lights. Swipe to the right if you want to turn the TV and other electronics off. The possibilities are virtually endless! What is your next move?


This advanced Smoke Sensor is able to detect the slightest changes in smoke and temperature conditions. You can choose to connect the Smoke Sensor to an alarm or allow it to quietly collect smoke and temperature related data for you in the background.

As a part of the Intelligent Homes family, this advanced tool also makes use of Z-Wave technology which guarantees the most effective functioning of the device.


Make sure you and your family are protected with the Intelligent Home FIBARO Door/Window Sensor. Sleek and discreet, the Door/Window Sensor is installed easily and is equipped with a temperture sensor. The Door/Window Sensor is virtually invisible when deployed on doors and window frames.

The sensor sends immediate notifications to your smart home as soon as it detects any attempts to open the door or window. It also sends a notification if anybody tries to tamper with the device or open the case.


The fully certified CO Sensor continuously monitors CO levels to make sure that you and your loves ones are safe from any threats from Carbon Monoxide. The sensor can be connected to a larger alert system, or allowed to quietly collect data on Carbon Monoxide levels in an area. The data is saved in the system and can be viewed at any time in a graph and measurement log format.


With over 24 functional possibilities, the Keyfob is a must-have smart home appliance.

The elegant and ergonomic design offers a truly futuristic feel and the raised buttons can be configured to carry out a wide variety of functions. The Keyfob fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and slides smoothly in your pocket when you want to carry it with you.

The device is also equipped with an automatic pin-lock to help ensure that there are no unintentional clicks or unauthorized usage.


The FIBARO Flood Sensor is a perfect dance between art and design - beautiful and harmonious in every little detail. Just like in other FIBARO devices, the perfect form is equipped with the most advanced technology. The FIBARO Flood Sensor is much more than just a leak sensor. Its design combines several useful features which ensure safety and the comfort of use. We've created two versions of the FIBARO Flood Sensor - one for the FIBARO system or other compatible Z-Wave controllers, and one for Apple HomeKit. Select the one compatible with your system or with either technology.


The FIBARO Motion Sensor pairs seamlessly with other smart home devices and is capable of activating even the most complex sequence. Apart from sensing motion, the device also measures temperature and light levels, offering a more complete motion detection solution. The accelerometer detects change in location or any attempt at opening the casing. After detecting movement, the motion detector will use a different color to inform you about the current temperature in the room.

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