Smart Home Controllers for A Smarter Everything

The Intelligent Home Smart Series is the one stop solution to all your automation needs, and a touch is all you need to get going. Controlling lights, temperature, curtains, music and TV is now all at your fingertips.

Compact Size. Flawless Power.


Home Center Lite is a small gateway designed to help you manage your entire smart home system. As one of the smallest smart home hubs it enables home automation programming through a simplified interface.

The Home Center Lite combines multiple native apps. You can use voice commands via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, and even ask your smart home to do things through the Messenger app.

This home automation is crafted to your needs with flawless integration of a broad range of home appliances and devices. In addition, the implementation of software extensions on Home Center Lite guarantee an extensive library of drivers for smart TV’s, IP cameras, and other 3rd party devices. You can manage your smart home using intuitive interfaces remotely or locally.

Entertainment At Your Command


The Home Center 2 Fibaro System is designed to change the way you enjoy your time at home. By choosing Home Center 2, you can use the integration of the FIBARO System with global brands such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistannts.

It gives you the ability to bring multiple gadgets together through technology - guaranteeing accessibility to top notch features and greatly expanding the potential of your smart home including all of the latest solutions available on the market.

The Smart Home Control Center


Home Center 3 is the most advanced smart home management unit in the world and has been designed based on the feedback and requests received over the course of 10 years of smart home product development.

The device is built to let you exercise complete control. You can now manage all your smart home features - with the press of a button, a hand gesture, or even an audio command. The Home Center 3 complete the home automation experience.

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